The Writer, the Texts, and now the Videos!

To make a good video – experts say – you must have a good script. Is this conversation strange to you? Well, get used to it. More and more people have been dedicated to producing videos and, in turn, the videos are being watched more and more. It’s the new wave of the internet. There are predictions that in the near future, the content of the internet will be 90% videos. Youtube is already the second largest search engine site! And what is there?

The trend of videos on websites and blogs

So, writer, get ready to adapt to the new trend if you own a blog or website. You will not have to abandon your pen or keyboard, but you will also need to produce the videos yourself. I am already preparing myself for this endeavor. And that is why I have decided to share with you what I am discovering. I bought a course from Lilia Porto, “The High Influence”, and I’m delighted with everything I’ve learned. The course does not stick to video recording / editing techniques, but teaches everything we really need to know about how we should introduce ourselves and communicate with our audience. I decided to buy this course after a long research, when I discovered that it is the reference in the subject, here in Brazil.

A good video enables the transmission of much more informative content than any type of text, and requires much less time. But the former does not exclude the latter. To produce a good video, it is essential to synthesize the content in a script and enrich it with the tools of the body, images and everything that videos allow. Now it is your voice that is being called into this new mode of communication. Facing a camera, or displaying something on a computer screen, or even displaying a slide show, now your voice should be heard by your readers or customers.

The internet has shortened the distances between people. Consequently, every relationship has been transformed. It was the time when the reader was satisfied with only a small print showing the face of his favorite author. Today, the loyal reader does not just buy the products of a writer. He is also interested in the person and his attitude towards the lives of those who provide them with these products. And video is one of the best tools to get across your image and create a really compelling relationship.

Are you enjoying this subject? Oh, do not be worried or afraid because you have to show your image. In the next post I will talk about this issue of the fear that we have to expose our person. The internet is a mirror of society. Even avoiding it, it is not possible to hide all the time, because, from time to time, we need to go to the street. On the internet, too. Sooner or later you will be found! So start thinking about it. Your readers are not very interested if your nose is beautiful or if you are tall, strong etc. They want to meet you. They want to know who is the person who makes them read for hours and provides both pleasure and learning.

Keep an eye! In the next post I will continue talking about the new wave of videos and what it will mean for you and your audience.