July 25: Writer’s Day

Dear friends,

We are here, although a week late, to honor the “Writer’s Day,” in fact the writers (writers’ day was July 25). What would be the world if there were no writers? Of course, there would not be readers as well! And what would everyone have if there was no reading? It is known that most human knowledge was acquired through reading. If it did not exist, all knowledge that was “stocked” in books and other records would have vanished from oblivion. Without a record, learning would be very scarce and volatile.

Much more knowledge would exist today if the number of writers were doubled! Great men and women of relevant intelligence do not write. What will happen to their knowledge? Writing enables the knower to share his or her mind, be it empirically or scientifically. It also allows anyone to report their impressions of the world, their feelings and their experiences. What one learns through reading, one learns why a writer made it possible. And if one develops a new thesis from the prior knowledge gained from a literary work, part of that legacy is also due to the original literary record.

We do not need a writing role anymore. Not even a printer! Thanks to the internet it is possible to write on any subject and, with few clicks, present it to the world. We are really very privileged to be living in this age. I believe that today there is not a single subject that has not been at least referenced on the internet. With this, knowledge is increasingly accessible.

There was a time when knowledge was only for those born in truly privileged families. Today, no: knowledge is available to anyone who wishes to be privileged with knowledge. Knowledge brings quality of life in every way. Knowledge helps to eliminate suffering and pain. Knowledge is a weapon against many evils.

Therefore, our homage is not only to the writer who shares his knowledge through conventional writing; we also thank the writers of all languages and signs. Sorry for the delay in the homage, but feel embraced by us from the Written World. Not even we would exist, were not you!

Congratulations to all the writers!